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What happens to my contribution?

   The United We Care - State Employees' Charitable Giving Campaign has contracted with United Way of Treasure Valley to administer, collect, and distribute employee contributions through payroll deductions and/or one-time gifts.  This single distribution system keeps the costs of conducting a workplace campaign to a minimum, something we all strive for. Read more

1% and 1/2% Contribution Calculator
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Receive the Silver Star Award by pledging 1/2%.
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   Each year, the State Employees' Charitable Giving Campaign Leadership Team proudly kicks-off another campaign.  Although we get things started, it's really all of you who carry the campaign and ensure its success.  All state agencies, regardless of size, come together with the single goal of helping others.

   State employees' are known for having a sense of community obligation.  It is especially apparent during the campaign.  Being there year in and year out, supporting people you may never meet, is quite extraordinary.  If there's ever a time when saying "thank you" doesn't seem like enough, it's when trying to express genuine appreciation to state employees' for being so generous.

Thank You

  •    Thank you to agency directors for allowing campaign coordinators to promote the campaign during office hours, giving them time in staff meetings, and letting them e-mail coworkers to encourage participation in the 2022 campaign.  Your support sends a strong message about giving.
  •    Thank you Campaign Coordinators at each agency for all the hard work you're undertaking to ensure a successful campaign.  Your creativity is amazing.  Your willingness to get actively involved even while you're busy conducting state business is not taken for granted.
  •    Thank you to the many volunteers...  your participation and support is greatly appreciated.  You are making a difference.
  •    Thank you to every state worker.  Without your support, the campaign would not be successful.

   As the 2022 campaign gets underway, the Leadership Team hopes each agency will have fun, but also remember what's at stake.  We can change lives; we can change Idaho.  You are empowered to make that change.  It is an honor to represent you.

Thank You

Katie Stuart, Bureau of Licensing
Jennifer Hannah, Health and Welfare
Patty Sanchez, State Board of Education
Jess Simonds, PERSI